First steps

And off we went! Started out on the 10th of Jan at 12.15 from Lindesnes lighthouse. Such a weird feeling to be starting after such a long time preparing and getting ready for all of this. Feels good though, to have the time to reflect on things that have happened lately.

My mate Mark picked me up in Høvåg at 8 am and drove me all the way to the lighthouse. He took some amazing photos and shot some nice videos before I went into the house of the operators, wrote a message in the guest book and got my picture taken. Hopefully there’s gonna be a picture from north cape as well!

The plan was to have some fairly short first few day (20-ish km’s). The first day I did 19 km and the second I did 27. It would definitely be best to start out not doing much more than 22-ish, so that it won’t be too hard on my body until it gets used to all this. Better start slow and actually finish! It’s just that when you’re walking on an asphalt road for 5 continuous days, you naturally get a somewhat fast pace. Plus, I’m not wearing a backpack which makes it way nicer. The pulk can be quite a pain going uphill because of the wheels underneath, but besides that it’s so easy to walk with. Almost feels like I’m not actually pulling very much. 

To be able to pull a sled on a road, I needed to find a solution with wheels underneath. I did a lot of research on what people had done before and how it turned out. My decision landed on a wagon-styled theme. Having two roller skis underneath with two wooden planks connecting them, then put the pulk on top of it and tie it down with straps. Super simple, light (compared to other solutions) and effective. If I was gonna go on a dirt road I would’ve done something different though. Probably wheels with air on them. Anyway, so I got a pair of roller skis from Fjeld & Fritid (thanks!!) – I chose the SkiGo Carbon Skate, cause a roller ski made for skating can go both forwards and backwards – unlike the ones made for classic style. Plus, they’re the lightest at 700 g./ski. I can turn fairly easily, but just not too sharp. I’d say all things considered, I’m pretty happy with the way it’s worked out. But I’m only a couple of days in so far! 

Jossi’s been really good and we’re definitely getting closer to each other. He’s used to be in a full dog team when sledding, so he’s not quite used to the fact that he has to work on his own now. A bit confused and unsure of what to do, so he looks at me quite a bit but he tries to do the right thing. Most of the time he does. 

Jossi. Picture by Mark Burton @ Thirst Media

He’s also had a tough few days. I changed his dryfood from Canimat to V.I.P. Dogfood from only three days ago. It made his stomach very upset obviously, so had him puking a bit and then a good, solid diarrhea to top it off. That doesn’t have much to do with the actual food, but just the change in his diet. It’s already better now though and his poo is good again (gotta give some poop-details for the dog mushers out there)! He really likes the food too – when I give him his bowl, he goes straight into it and eats a fairly big serving. So that’s amazing. gave me some dried vom as well, that I give to him every now and again as a small snack. He gets so excited when I take out the bag!!

There’s been a lot more things happening in just two days actually, but I think I’ll leave it at this and save some stuff for later. I can say though, that people here in the south have been so nice to me. Free meal, a bag of cookies, endless offers of coffee to go and a lot of questions. My personal favourite was when a farmer, originally Danish as well(!), came and joined me for lunch in his tractor. I ate spaghetti bolognese from Travellunch and he ate spaghetti bolognese made by himself. Lovely old man.

Goodies from an old woman!

See ya til next time! 

One thought on “First steps

  1. Hej Mads ! Vi håber du får en uforglemmelig og dejlig tur. Kærlig hilsen Erik og Birgitte ( Kolding )


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