Stage 1 – DONE!

A bit far to go!

Lindesned lighthouse to Ljosland Fjellstove. You gave me lots of asphalt and sore feet. It’s been a good few days to start with – testing out some of the gear and sort of doing an extra test-run. Most things went really well and there’s actually not much to complain about. Apart from the weather though, but that doesn’t really count, does it?

The first day I started out around 12-ish and did round about 19 km’s. At (late) lunch-time I got invited into a nursing home to have a bowl of Lapskaus followed by waffles and coffee. Roughly 20 ladies staring at me as I ate my food. A bit intimidating to start with, but ended up being lovely. They all loved Jossi even though he didn’t really say hello. He’s not the most polite dog, you know. I set up the tent right next to a farm with goats. Jossi found the goats quite interesting but, to my surprise, lost interest straight away when I pulled out his food. He hasn’t been eating particularly well, but it’s getting way better now as we go. First night was good – a bit windy but completely dry. The tent was pitched at 4.15 and I went to bed at 10-ish. So there’s a lot of time to read, drink tea, think of something nice, eat my dinner and have a chat to Jossi. I tried to discuss with him the reason why he has to wear a reflective vest. He didn’t have much to say to the cause, so I think he got it.

Jossi with his reflective vest that keeps on sliding to the left.

The second day was good but long. Did about 28 km’s which takes out on your feet when on asphalt. A bit moody weather wise with drops of rain every now and again. Highlight of the day was when I knocked on a door to ask for water and came out with a whole bag of homemade baked goods and a coffee to-go. Set up the tent in a ditch somewhere right next to the road. Had an amazing sunset though. Everything was orange and beautiful.

One of the tiny towns on the way

Day 3 was about 26 km’s in rain and sleet. Had a very slow morning and didn’t start out til 9.15. Not the most interesting day really – a couple of nice places. The nicest one being the shop in Konsmo – bought some brown cheese and knækbrød which was heaven on a rainy day. This was the first day with snow on the road, which makes it quite hard to pull a sled on wheels. More of that followed.. Had two cups of hot chocolate in the tent which was pitched right behind a bus stop all lightened up by street lights. How luxurious.

Having a quick stop next to Øvre Øydnavatn just outside Byremo

Day 4. 28 km’s and lots of ice and snow on the road. Pretty much no way to get a grip on the road. Weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was a very beautiful day. Long tough day with endless straight roads that seemed like they were only made to annoy me. Had a few downs on this day, but listening to music and podcasts helped me a fair bit. Highlight of the day was that I rediscovered how great the album Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age is.

The mountains starting to show

Day 5 – last day of this stage! 22 km’s to Ljosland Fjellstove. Great day but with quite high winds. Lots of ice on the road, but it didn’t seem to annoy me as much as the day before. Spent 4 hours walking up to Ljosland. Was so excited about Songs for the Deaf that I listened to it again straight when I started walking. Fairly short day, but had a blast. The mountains started to show it’s beautiful face and I was finally somewhat closer to the mountains. Came to the fjellstove and had a chat to the owner about the conditions further up. SUPER icy and not much snow. Two girls tried to go up a few days earlier, but had to turn around and skip this leg. I’ve borrowed a pair of snow shoes with crampon-style teeth underneath, so hopefully that will be better. Had a chat to a local as well that was gonna go there on his snowmobile over the lake, so conditions could be worse after all.

Houses just before Ljosland

Got picked up by my mate Mark and are now spending the night at his house in Evje with his lovely family. I’ve played with pearls with his son and filled up food for the upcoming stage. And charged everything! They’ve been so nice to me – made me food and kept me away from thirst with beer! Really excited for tomorrow but also a bit nervous about the conditions. Time will tell. Maybe I’ll sit here again tomorrow evening if it’s no good.

Temperatures dropping

That’s all for now!

Thanks for reading:)


4 thoughts on “Stage 1 – DONE!

  1. Det er nogen virkelig skønne billeder Mads og en skøn billedlig beskrivelse af turen, man får en lillebitte fornemmelse af at være med 🙂
    Elsker at følge dig her på bloggen 🙂
    Hils Jossi

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