Sulseter and new friends

This update will be about my time at Sulseter where I spent some time off. I had some time to relax and reflect on things, while I did a little bit of work/help for the company Skilejrskole (a place that teaches Danish school kids cross-country skiing).

Frozen signpost.

So yeah, I came to Sulseter where Gry was on holiday and helped out Frederik and Tirza from Skilejrskole with the teaching. My original plan was to only stay here for 3-4 days, but it ended up being a bit longer – it was a good chance to reflect and at the same time spent some quality time with new friends as well. The first week there was no students, but just regular guests that was on winter vacation. So Gry and I spent most of the days skiing on the local tracks, relaxing and catching up so to speak. She had a couple of days to show me around and quickly I decided to stay for a little longer – the choice was made so that I had more time to reflect and see how I felt and to obviously spend more time together.

Grønfjell just next to Sulseter.

Skilejrskole ( is a Danish company that puts together a program for school kids where they come for a week and learn how to ski and behave in the winter mountains of Norway. They get transported by bus from Denmark Sunday night, arrive by Monday morning and leave again Friday night. A really good opportunity for schools to spend a week away and experience one of the best things in life – much better than doing a trip to a boring sandy beach! Frederik and Tirza, the two owners (and their daughter Adèlia) are really nice people that are super welcoming and good fun. It was lovely to get to know them all and spend some time with them. They made me feel super comfortable at Sulseter and I felt like I had known them for a while within a couple of days. Really great people and I’m super happy to know them. Looking forward to seeing you all again whether it’ll be in Norway or back in Denmark.

Tirza (left) and Frederik (right) in their green jackets during a long lunch break with open fire.

A couple of days after I arrived, Mikkel and Sascha came up as well. I didn’t know them from before, but Mikkel has been working in the same shop that I worked in long before I started and Sascha is his girlfriend. They both work as teachers at a Danish ‘afterschool’ – a unique type of a Danish independent residential school for young people between the age of 14 to 17 (yes, I had to go to Wikipedia for this). That school was gonna come up to Sulseter the following week, so Mikkel and Sascha decided to spend their holiday at Sulseter the week before. Good for me! I got to know both of them really well – we went on a lot of ski tours together and spend a few afternoons and nights playing board games together. Good stuff!!

Mikkel being overly excited about a downhill-section.

Had lots of fun with both of them and I especially got to know Mikkel quite well, cause he was the only one staying that following week. We got along quite well – probably mostly because of our love for board games. So will definitely have to beat him in tons of games when I return home (yes, Mikkel, you just wait!)

The following week the school came up with two other teachers Hanne and Kim. It was really cool to meet both of the other teachers as well and to help out whereever needed. The first day they mainly do some games and stuff to make the students used to being on skis. I just went around and took pictures of the ones who fell. I reckon I’ve got round about 100 photos of students on the ground with skis in the air. You gotta start somewhere!

First time on skis is always great fun!
Frustration all around.

The rest of the week was spent doing ski trips during the day – start out with waxing in the morning and then the students get divided into three different groups, depending on skills and physique. I mainly went with team 2 that Gry was on and then with team 1 on the last day. The last two days we had a total whiteout and couldn’t see a thing. It was great for the students to experience that and to see how weather can be up here.

Thanks so much for a fantastic week to Frederik, Tirza, Gry, Mikkel, Hanne, Kim and Rolf. It was great to get to know you all and I can’t wait to see you all again. I’ve been thinking a lot about becoming a school teacher myself, so it was really cool to experience this and to get some contacts around.

Students coming up towards a pass around Vaglfjell.

At the same time Gry’s parents, Per and Nina, and their friend Max was at Sulseter as well and we stayed with them in a really cozy cabin. It was lovely to get to really know them and spend some good time together. We didn’t get to ski much together, but we had a really nice full moon-ski session. We didn’t go far but just went out to a good spot to have a look at the beautiful light. No headtorches needed. Per took some really beautiful photos of the whole area. His photos are generally really really good! We had some good chats about beer-brewing as well, as he’s been doing that for a while now and I really wanna get started on it. We might have tasted a few too, thanks to Gry! Nina and I had some really lovely chats about life and the thoughts around it. It really helped me reflect on things and to see things from a different angle – thanks so much for that. It’s not often that I meet people that are so great at asking questions. It made me think a lot.

So thanks for a lovely week to all of you!! I feel so lucky to get to know so many great people on this trip. I can’t believe how many people I’ve met – I’m so excited to see everyone again. Since the day I arrived in Kristiansand I’ve gotten to know some really great people. Cheers for that all of you. Hopefully you’re reading this!

Here’s some extra photos:

All good!
Waxing session in the morning.
An instructors paradise.
Sascha, Mikkel and Gry on a daytrip we had before the students arrived.

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